Xamarin Course Details

Duration: 45 Days (1:30Mins)

Course Prerequisites:

C# programming experience

Introduction to Cross-Platform Development

  • Examining the Android, iOS and Windows UI Experiences
  • Options for Cross-Platform Mobile Development
  • Problems with Cross-Platform Mobile Development
  • Getting to Know Xamarin
  • Anatomy of a Xamarin Application
  • Understanding Portable Class Libraries

Configuring your Development Environment:

  • Installing Visual Studio and Xamarin
  • Configuring the Mac for iOS Apps
  • Testing Apps Using Emulators
  • Testing Apps on Physical Devices:
  • Building a “Hello World” Shared Project in Visual Studio

Improving Your C#:

  • Reviewing C# and the .NET Framework
  • Understanding await/async
  • Understanding RESTful Services

Part I: Introduction to Xamarin.Forms:

  • Configuring the Visual Studio Project
  • Introducing XAML
  • Handling Events
  • Using XAML to Layout the UI
  • Using XAML Controls
  • Platform Specific Calls

Part II: Introduction to Xamarin.Forms:

  • Working with Text
  • Working with XAML Resources
  • Working with XAML Styles
  • Data Binding
  • Working with Bitmaps

Customizing Xamarin.Forms Controls on Each Platform:

  • Custom Renderers
  • Implementing and Customizing Views
  • Using Dependency Injection

Working with Xamarin.Android for Native UI:

  • Configuring the Visual Studio Project
  • Understanding Android Concepts Events, Protocols and Delegates
  • Designing a UI for the Android
  • Layouts
  • Widgets
  • Accessing Android APIs

Working with Xamarin.iOS for Native UI:

  • Configuring the Visual Studio Project Understanding iOS Concepts
  • iOS Model-View-Contrroller
  • Events, Protocols and Delegates
  • Designing a UI for iOS
  • StoryBoards
  • Types of UIViewControllers Accessing iOS APIs
  • Calling Existing Objective C/Swift Code

Working with Data:

  • Local Data Options
  • Calling RESTful Services

Working with Touch

  • Understanding Touch Events
  • Using Gesture Recognizers

Working with Location Services:

  • Understanding GeoLocation
  • Implementing “Where Am I”

Extending Your Application with NuGet and the Xamarin Components Stores:

  • Cloud Service Features (ex: Authentication Support, Azure Mobile Client, etc)
  • Libraries (ex: Barcode Scanning, Messaging, Credit Card Scanning, etc)
  • User Interface Components (ex: Charts, Carousels, Signature Pads, etc)