Devops Course Details

Duration: 45 Days (1:30Mins)

  • Basic administration knowledge in windows/Linux
  • Access to 3VMs with CentOS 7 installed either on VMWare or AWS ( 1 for server, 1 for client and 1 for workstation ) OS: CentOS 7 RAM: 2GB for node and workstations and 4GB for server.
  • Basic knowledge on any programming language ex. Shell scripting, Perl or Python
Fundamentals of Ruby
  • Ruby Overview
  • Command-line Tools
  • Core Ruby
  • Syntax
  • Functions
  • Control Flow
  • Built-in Types
  • Collections
  • Blocks and Iterators
  • How ruby help in chef cookbooks and recipes.
Using Git for version control
  • Ruby Overview
  • Central vs Distributed version control
  • Installing git
  • Basic usage of git
  • Git branches
About Chef
  • Overview of Chef
  • Workstation setup
  • Bootstrapping your first node
  • Dissecting your first Chef run
  • Introducing the node object
  • Using Chef resources to build your first cookbook
  • Knife tool configuration, Chef solo configuration and chef-run.
  • Writing role and data-bag using knife command.
  • Using node and cookbook attributes and templates to make your recipes dynamic
  • Adding cookbook dependencies to leverage existing functionality
  • Experimenting with template variables, notifications, and controlling idempotency
  • Using recipe inclusion to keep your recipes easy to read and manage
  • Bringing server-side resources into your recipes with data bags and search
  • Writing an Apache cookbook
  • Refactoring the Apache Cookbook
  • Writing a User’s Cookbook
  • Uploading cookbook in git and chef-server.
  • Defining roles to group similar functionality
  • Defining environments to use the same structural configuration across operational environments (like development, Q/A, and production)
  • Using Chef Supermarket and community cookbooks
  • Resources to further your exploration of Chef
  • Building LWRPs (Light weight resource and providers)
  • Building of chef in build api and classes.
  • Test kitchen and vagrant configuration with chef.
  • Bookshelf and berks tool in chef.
  • Chef specs and server specs in chef.
  • Overview
  • Installation
  • Differences between Chef and Puppet
  • Overview
  • Installation
  • Setting up authentication
  • Creating pipeline
  • Monitoring jobs
  • Continuous deployments using jenkins
Cloud computing
  • Overview
  • Service models
  • Different cloud providers